The work [Manna] is one participatory project for the ephemeral food art show Finding Puberty curated by HE Wei and HU Naishu. Finding Puberty is a chance for the audience to look back to their lives and to recall their memories of the simplest and vivid days. The exhibition is delivering an unforgettable experience to the audience, while taking a satirical and innovative approach to our nostalgia for the amatory memories of our puberty. The artists, HE Wei and Hu Naishu are Millennials. They, born in China while growing up under the influence of globalization and internet, are the same with every child all over the world. Millennials all experienced the rapid change in their puberty psychologically and physically. Along with the curiosity of sex and awareness of men and women, they are building identity more maturely. The process of evolution was taken by our self-awareness cruelly, and developed into the harsh jungle rule. HE+HU created an amatory fantasy for the audience. Five pieces of installation art, Manna, Wet Dreams, Period, Talk to Me, Business No.1 and Business No.2, are closely connecting our natural desire: food and sex.

Manna @ The Center for Contemporary Art in NJ 2017_HE Wei solo: Space Permeable

Manna @ The Center for Contemporary Art in NJ 2017_HE Wei solo: Space Permeable

The work [Manna] consists of 400 pieces of brownie inside the transparent containers with green spoons which are laser cut into the shape of grass, and 6 bags of cream hanging above. From a distance, the green spoon look like grass plot in the spring, while the cream squeezed out of the bag indicates the welcome manna after the droughty winter, irrigating the land and announcing the begin of spring.


visitors participating and manning their food

@ Ran Tea House,Williamsburg, NY 2014