Taken the inspiration from Chinese culture "Propriety", Hello Kongzi in New York Food Art Performance is directed by us @Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central, New York. The concept derives from the traditional Chinese bow combining modern western dance. The art event presents an instantaneous interaction between people and food, restraint and desire, past and present. In Chinese history, dining is never only a purely sensory experience, but also a process of sharing respect and establishing trust. While accompanying with globalization, essence of dining become more personal and joyful. The show is seen as a reflection of a person's propriety and personality. The food art performance brings this idea in a dramatic way to create a connection and dialog between ancient Eastern philosophy and modern Western performing art language - "Past" and "Present", corresponding to performers and audiences respectively.

Chinese bow after serving food and drink

Sponsor: Perrier

Performer: Garrett Colemen and Kamaal Davis